Musical Merit Scholarship Fund

PRISMA has a substantial fund of $60,000 for full and partial scholarships. Both merit-based and need-based scholarships are available in 2019. Students who apply are are selected on the basis of financial need, artistic merit, and the necessity of achieving the proper instrumental balance within the Festival Orchestra.
If you wish to be considered for a scholarship here are the steps to take:

First: complete your application to our PRISMA program
Second: complete the Scholarship application
This is the link you will need for both applications:
Please note: Scholarships are not currently available for conducting students at PRISMA.  Also note that part of your scholarship may be in the form of a homestay with a reputable local family that has offered to host PRISMA students.
The deadline for filing an application for additional financial aid for PRISMA 2019 is February 28, 2019. 

Rotary Support:

Using Rotary's worldwide network, the Rotary Clubs of Powell River help music students access financial support from their local Rotary Clubs to attend PRISMA. Rotary strongly urges you to begin this process immediately after submitting your application. If you need financial assistance to attend PRISMA:

1. Determine the Rotary Club closest to you via:
2. Provide PRISMA with the nearest club information via this link.
3. The Rotary Clubs of Powell River will provide a letter (email) of support to the club president of your local Rotary Club, stating that you (the student) will be making contact. A copy of the letter will be sent to you.
4. After receiving this letter, contact the club president and inquire about possible assistance to attend PRISMA. It is recommended that you offer to perform for the club members at one of their meetings. 
You are strongly urged to begin this process immediately after submitting your application to PRISMA. Waiting for your acceptance to PRISMA may not leave enough time to complete this process before PRISMA fees are due. 


Other Support

For other sources of support contact your university or your local arts council. Upon request, PRISMA can provide a letter of recommendation.